Mark Shepherd

Mark Shepherd is the owner of Shepherd Financial Partners, a full-service pension 401(k) advisory firm that also provides comprehensive wealth management services. Previously, Mark worked as a Tax Accountant at KPMG (Peat Marwick) and IDS American Express, where he managed 401(k) plans and employed innovative strategies to implement the best solution for each of the Plan Sponsors and their participants. Shepherd Financial Partners is a leader in their industry and Mark is regularly invited to speak at national and worldwide conferences, discussing such issues as fiduciary best practices, managing and building legacy assets and ethics within the financial services industry.

Mark’s involvement with adaptive skiing started over 30 years ago when a friend was injured, losing the use of her legs. She was determined to continue skiing, but there were very few resources to help get her back on the slopes.  They finally found a program in Colorado but at that time, there was nothing in New England. Within the next few years, Mark became one of the founding volunteers of AbilityPLUS, Inc., and adaptive skiing and recreation has been a huge part of his life ever since.