The December Story is by The Jillette Family

Our daughter, at age 3 1/2, was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome, CFC (cardio facio cutaneous), that included, among other things, intellectual and developmental delays. We weren’t sure what the future would hold.

Once Camryn entered 1st grade at Pine Tree Elementary, a whole new world of possibilities opened up for her through AbilityPlus and the ESSC ski program.  Learning to run and jump and balance along with listening and following directions   were still on the list to achieve, so learning to ski seemed like a stretch. Our hope was that she would have some fun and   maybe come down the “bunny slope” by the end of the program.

Enter Liz and her incredibly caring and compassionate team of volunteers. Not only does Camryn have fun and make it down the “bunny slope,” she was skiing down  the trails and riding the chairlift!  We were amazed and astonished at the positive impact the AbilityPlus program had on our little girl.

Camryn is now in 3rd grade and AbilityPlus has afforded our daughter the  opportunities to learn how to canoe and bike through their summer offerings and this past winter, along with downhill skiing, she was introduced to crosscountry skiing.  Each new activity Camryn has faced, she has met with a can do attitude and a beaming smile.

We are truly thankful for t his program and for all that it has given our daughter.   They have shown that  it is not about the child’s disability, it’s about their abilities when coupled with the right people and the right   program.  AbilityPlus is a shining example of this pairing.