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AbilityPLUS Adaptive Sports Receives Grants To Assist Expansion Of Its  Soldiers For Soldiers Program


AbilityPLUS Adaptive Sports has been awarded two grants for the expansion of their Soldiers For Soldiers program, an adaptive sports and mentoring program for injured service men and women created by AbilityPLUS. The grants, from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs-U.S. Olympic Committee, and The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, total more than $20,000.

AbilityPLUS Soldiers For Soldiers is a mentoring program that pairs returning service men and women with

soldiers who have already participated in the program.  It currently offers a number of activities geared specifically for soldiers and their families including a multi day Alpine ski and alumni weekend event, a day of Alpine skiing in collaboration with the Winter Wonderland celebration in the Mount Washington Valley and an Emerging Athlete-Wounded Warrior Learn to Ski, Learn To Race Camp.

“Our efforts are designed to promote independence and quality of life for veterans who incurred life changing injury as a result of their service to America,” explained AbilityPLUS Executive Director David Hauser.  “Many veterans come to us with serious injuries, including amputations, traumatic brain injuries, burns, visual and hearing impairments, and often with emotional scars from experiencing the trauma of war. These grants will be instrumental as we continue to expand programs and outreach,” continued Hauser.

"We are thrilled to see the Soldiers For Soldiers program getting such a positive response," said AbilityPLUS, Executive Director of Programs for AbilityPLUS.  "Over the years we have worked with many injured service people, and found that their bonding and inadvertent mentoring has had a profoundly positive effect on each individual. So we thought - let's create a program designed specifically to support and nurture the bonding and mentoring that has been so important,” continued .

AbilityPLUS and her staff at AbilityPLUS worked with many of the injured service people they had met over the years, and developed the Soldiers For Soldiers program for AbilityPLUS. "We started out with snowsports - skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing.  We’ll be including cross-country skiing, biathlon and snowmobiling. These grants will help us expand the mentoring programs and our wellness and healthy living workshops.” Planned for this summer are multi-day events and a summer camp program with ongoing adaptive activities and workshops designed for the Soldiers For Soldiers program.
Founded in 1997, AbilityPLUS offers sports and recreational opportunities to people with all manner of disabilities, from severe physical impairments to people with autism across the spectrum.  AbilityPLUS has program locations at Mount Snow, VT, and in Mount Washington Valley in New Hampshire as well as summer program installations and affiliations throughout New England.  Additional information about all AbilityPLUS programs and events is available at, or by calling 800-287-8415 x103.




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The demand for services provided by AbilityPLUS is growing rapidly, as awareness increases, and more people with autism, returning injured war veterans, and people with all manner of disability learn of the benefits of participation in adaptive sports. AbilityPLUS™ is a leader in the adaptive sports world, with offices and installations at resorts and venues throughout New England, serving the entire Northeast. We'll be opening more opportunities for more people in the coming months and years.
We need your financial support and that of corporate partners who can help us achieve our mission of creating freedom, opportunity and independence for everyone who wishes to participate in an AbilityPLUS™ program.

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